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The Wedding Reception

At the wedding, friends and family gather to honor the bride and groom in their marriage, but the reception is where they all get together to celebrate the joyous occasion!

The time you choose for the ceremony will determine the flow of the whole event.  Some facilities have a curfew, so you need to consider everything you want to accomplish through out the evening with enough time to get a real dance party atmosphere going that will last at least 2 hours.  

 • Serve food appropriate for the time of the reception - no dinner food at a 4:00 o’clock reception and more than hors d’oeuvres at a 6:00 o’clock event.

 • Don’t wait too long to cut the wedding cake.  It should be cut after the toasts as soon as everyone has finished eating.  Not all guests want to stay a long time after dinner but no one wants to miss dessert!

• Use A Timeline!  Give clear instructions regarding what music to play when and what announcements/introductions to make by the MC.  You should consult with your DJ to set the style for each hour of your reception.  Choose cocktail music that all of your guests can relate to, flow into something gentle for dinner and don’t forget to choose something sentimental that has special meaning to you both and your families for the first dances.  Consider a special song for the cutting of the cake, it adds a special touch.  

• Your dance music should start with music that most of your guests will relate to and then go to the real dance music that appeals to you and your friends later in the evening. Discuss this with your DJ or the band you might hire.

• A slightly smaller dance floor creates an intimate atmosphere that allows people to be more comfortable dancing.  It works every time!  At my events, guests always tell me that “they never dance”, yet they have just danced the night away!  

• A new trend is for the parents to join the couple for the first dance with a favorite song playing like “Always”.  This is a great time saver. 

• Some brides opt to forego the Bouquet toss and choose to present the bridal bouquet to a grandparent or the longest married couple present.

• Make arrangements for gifts brought to the reception to be placed in a secure room.  If you have a gift attendant make them responsible for getting the gifts loaded in the car to be transported to a safe place.  Invite everyone for brunch to see you open the gifts.
Go With the flow through out the day. Don't think of every setback as a catastrophe or spend time worrying about what might happen.  Accept things for what they are and focus on controlling your efforts - not the outcome.  By devoting your full attention to the situation at hand, you will feel more relaxed and in control and the future will take care of itself.