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Chuck Collier Photography
Chuck Collier Photography
No wedding is complete without the Wedding Cake, it's essential!

It may come as a surprise to most brides that, originally, the wedding cake was not eaten by but thrown at the bride!  Fortunately this marriage tradition has been abandoned in favor of eating the wedding cake.

• These days most cakes are covered in a butter cream frosting, but you can also choose from cream cheese, white chocolate icing, or rolled fondant.  As the name implies, rolled fondant is icing that is rolled over the layers of the cake for a completely smooth and very elegant look.  Prices will vary depending on which you choose. 

• Start gathering photos of cake styles that you like. Taste can always be determined at the tasting.  Be sure to ask your cake artist for a tasting of their cakes, fillings and icings to determine what you would like to serve.

• The Wedding Cake, like all other aspects of your wedding should reflect your personal style.  It need not to be traditional.  Incorporate elements from your lives together with color, flowers or a fun cake topper.

• Cut the first slices of wedding cake and serve them to both sets of parents to make them feel extra special, before the cake is taken to the kitchen to be cut and served to your guests.

• A groom’s cake is a special gift for the groom from the bride.  It should reflect the groom’s style.  If he is a fisherman, the cake could be made into a fishing basket with a rainbow trout made of red velvet cake to create an authentic fish feel when cut.  The groom’s cake could be served at the reception as another flavor choice or serve it at the rehearsal dinner as the grooms parents are usually the hosts.  It is a nice touch to give the groom his moment in the spotlight.