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Photography Tips

Photography Tips

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, this is true, just as your wedding photographs will save the treasured memories of your wedding day.

• You can save precious time by taking the Bride & Groom's family photos before the wedding ceremony.  There is no need for the couple to see each other before walking down the aisle. Schedule the Grooms' family photos 2 hours before the ceremony and give the Bride 1 hour with her family before she walks down the aisle.  This way you can do the family portraits with both the Bride and Groom after the wedding ceremony and get everyone to the reception quickly so the party can begin.

• Have an assistant for the photographer.  Choose someone close to you who will know your family and friends and be able to point them out to the photographer.  Have one for each side of the family if possible.  Give your photo assistant his or her own copy of your “list of must-have shots” to check off as each one is taken.  This way the pressure is off you to stay on top of your photographer.
• Make sure your loved ones look fantastic in all your shots by having your photo assistant check smiles and fix hair, dresses, flowers, no plastic beer cups, no smoking and no sunglasses (unless the bride is wearing them too, of course).  A little preventative care can help ensure everyone (and everything) is preserved in your wedding photo album looking their best for the years to come.

• Your photo album is like a time capsule.  When choosing the style of your wedding, consider carefully the gown you choose to wear and even your hair on that precious day, it will go with you for the rest of time.