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Choosing your Wedding Gown
Photo by Milenia Studios - Seth Eagleton
Photo by Milenia Studios - Seth Eagleton
 The wedding gown is one of the most important decisions a bride-to-be has to make in planning her wedding, it defines her personality and style as no other aspect of the wedding does!

There is a gown style for every figure type. Define your figure and look for the most flattering style for you.

Your underwear is just as important as your dress.  There is nothing worse than a bra that's too tight and causes bulges in the back.  (No one wants to see back cleavage) Choose the dress first then buy your underwear and try it all on together.  If it doesn't look right, exchange the underwear and start again.  Most Bridal boutiques carry lingerie for one stop shopping!

  What type slip should you wear with your gown? A petticoat made of a firm fabric adds structure to a full skirt, whereas the soft body-shaping lingerie smoothes the lines of a sheath. A sheer bodice calls for a lacy camisole. You'll also need the right style bra, be it strap less or a push-up.

  Always try on your headpiece with your gown to be certain they complement each other in style and in color.

  A good guideline for the bride's jewelry is the heavier the embellishments on the gown, the simpler the jewelry.

SScuff the sole of your shoes before your wedding day.  It will give you a better grip!

  Choose shoes that are as comfortable as possible; you'll be standing and dancing for hours.  Some Brides opt for a new white sneaker or flip flop with a long dress, as you'll never see them - unless you decide to show everybody.  You should always pack a back up pair of comfy shoes for later on, you'll be glad you did.

   If you are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony be sure to choose appropriate shoes.  You don't want your heels stuck in the ground when it's time to kiss the groom.

   Pick up some bridal magazines, sit your bridal bum down in a comfy spot and figure out what wedding dress styles attract you. Have fun, be daring and most importantly... BE TRUE TO YOURSELF!!