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How could I know what you need?

Well, being an expert wedding and event planner I am approached with products that NO ONE ELSE KNOWS ABOUT!

I also deal with brides on a daily basis and I know what they're nervous about and what helps make them calm and confident again.

Some of these products are just
  1. Spanx - Control top pantyhose are OUT and SPANX is IN! I just caught inventor Sara Blakely on Oprah and she is a doll. Over 40 women have a hand in making each Spanx product!! This is truly a revolution for women. You CANNOT have panty lines in your wedding gown!!! Check out her website they are so much more than tummy control body wear now. She really has some fabulous stuff... dare I say sexy?

  2. Smokin' Hot Sunglasses - Girl, you're going to be jetting around having your picture taken ALL DAY. Don't get tired out squinting all day. Have a fabulous pair of BIG WHITE SHADES. They are the in thing right now so after your wedding you can keep sassing them up in public.

  3. Digital Camera - Yes, yes I know you'll have a professional photographer and an aunt who's a shutterbug but pack your own slim digital camera in your bridal purse. There are so many moments that you'll be shouting out... who has a camera??? Whip yours out when the hairdresser is detangling your sister's hair or when your best bud breaks out into the running man on the dance floor!

  4. Blot Papers - Wooohoooo!!! It's December and your makeup is STILL running!! Stock up on some blot papers from the drug store. They swipe over your face to reduce shin and make you picture perfect again.
  5. Flip Flops - YES! They are sooo unclassy but your feet will be KILLING YOU by the time your bridal party trots onto the dance floor. Once no one is looking is looking slip into these comfy saviors. No one likes to see a barefoot bride... you spent money on that pedicure! Be extra nice to your bridal party and get them some flip flops too!! Make sure they match the dresses!!!

  6. Granola Bars, Water & Other Bite Sized Snacks - You're going to get HUNGRY!!! Imagine... you eat breakfast at 7am before you go to your hair appointment... MAYBE you have a bite at 11am before getting into your dress, but you're probably too nervous to eat. Dinner isn't until 7pm!!! You are going to be STARVING!! Pack a little snack for you and your groom (he'll be hungry too). Put it in the vehicle you'll be driving around in all day. Don't forget the water, especially if you're taking pictures on a HOT day!!! Fainting brides are NOT cool!

  7. Sunscreen & Bug Spray - Okay... not very glamorous but neither is a blotchy bride covered in itchy lumps!!! Break out the sunscreen in the morning. I really recommend the kind that sprays on. It can go right over your makeup and there is no messy lotion involved. Bug spray is such a MUST, especially for outdoor weddings and pictures. Don't get eaten alive!!!

  8. Lick & Stick Tattoo - This is just FUN. Why not have your something blue be a funky butterfly on your bum!!! Eeee!!! Won't it